Our activities

  • AXA Assistance Strategy - always respond to the needs of our customers
  • AXA Assistance products are designed to help and support you in any situation and at any stage
  • We are forming a trend for market development of assistance services, not adjusting to it
  • We are changing to meet the changing needs of our customers
  • AXA Assistance provides a long-term cooperation and support for our partners and customers


Health assistance

AXA Assistance provides a wide range of products aimed at the prevention, detection and treatment of various diseases, as well as maintaining the health of our customers and their families.


Leveraging innovations in healthcare

Drawing attention to the current level of services in the health sector, on the performance detection of dangerous diseases among the population, as well as the quality of medical services, AXA Assistance has developed an advanced product line in the field of medicine in order to provide the best possible services to our customers and partners.

Our Clinical examination - is a comprehensive program of medical examination. Using the international experience of the AXA Assistance Group, AXA Assistance medical team in Russia have prepared a variety of packages of integrated medical examinations to prevent the development of serious diseases. In a short span of time the client ongoes a full program of medical research and tests, and receives a detailed opinion on the state of their health, to know if there are different abnormalities, potential problems and necessary control measures. A number of programs supplemented by recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, sleep regime and nutrition. Owning of Check-up product ensures possibility to make an appointment in the clinics 24/7 for clients, quality assurance, and fulfillment of services stated in the program, control of additional clinic prescriptions by doctors of AXA Assistance Moscow, discounts for additional services in clinics and more. Check-up programs are available both in Russia and abroad. In addition to the organization of medical examination, we can take care for the organization of transportation, accommodation, visa support and other necessary features as well.

Our Second Medical Opinion (SMO) - answers the questions: Am I diagnosed correctly? Do all possible treatments have been considered? Is a correct treatment have been prescribed?
AXA Assistance is working with medical experts around the world to provide its customers the possibility to receive verification of the diagnosis and treatment offered by the high-level experts.

Our Treatment Organization - is a full-service support in case of illness. Upon detection of a serious disease, often people do not know where to go and where to get high-quality treatment.
AXA Assistance has a wide network of hospitals around the world, including Russia. We take care of the selection of the medical establishment, approval of preliminary treatment plan and its cost, travel organization for the treatment (including the organization of transportation, accommodation, maintenance by medical personnel, visa support, and much more). AXA Assistance monitors the progress of the treatment and can help pick up a rehabilitation program after.

Our Medical Info-support - is a service for providing advice on the rights available for your clients with the CHI (ОМС), the availability of high-tech medicine, quotas and for making the appointments in the clinics on a commercial basis. Despite the fact that every citizen of the Russian Federation has the CHI (ОМС) policy, the level of awareness of their rights under the free medicine remains low. Our mission - to provide assistance within the CHI (ОМС) law by providing our customers with information about their rights and options under the CHI (ОМС) policy. In case the treatment under CHI (ОМС) policy is hard to receive, we will arrange it in commercial clinics of AXA Assistance network with the provision of discounts to our clients.



Child Concierge

Information is one of the key human needs, so the services of information support in various areas is one of the key products of AXA Assistance in Russia.

AXA Assistance has developed a product for child information support.
With the help of the "Child Concierge" our customers get the opportunity to choose educational institutions, courses, testing, planning, leisure activities of their children simply by calling the call center AXA Assistance and leaving a request. Our specialists will prepare a complete overview on a given topic, point out ratings, reviews, cost and procedure of obtaining this or that service for the child.

Facilitating mobility

Travel assistance

For AXA Assistance, assistance in travel is something more than emergency response: we provide ongoing support before, during and after the trip.

In advance, we provide the necessary information to help our clients to organize their journey (general information on the assistance program questions, etc.). Our customers can count on our international medical network in case of health problems during the trip.

Possibilities of an international network of AXA Assistance allow us to provide on-call doctor at home, organization of urgent admission to a medical facility at the client's location, hospitalization, repatriation, accompanying minor children, care for animals (if the owner is hospitalized), and more.

Auto assistance

AXA Assistance business in Russia began with the "Auto Assistance".

In the case of a vehicle breakdown, we help you continue your way as quickly as possible. We use advanced technology to improve our ability to predict events of all kinds.

The list of AXA Assistance services includes car repair, evacuation, a supply of fuel, tire repair, and more.

In Russia, roadside assistance is provided in partnership with the PAT (Russian Automobile Fellowship).